Mastaak Copyright and Terms of Use

1. Arts on Mastak

Mastak allows artists and creators to upload they artworks. Uploaded artwork belong to the author of this artwork and he is an owner of his own artwork. Mastak allows users to upload only the arts, and not allow to duplicate they works, or copy someone else works. All copyright belong to authors of they works.

2. Adopts on Mastak

Mastak allows adopt traiding. The design creator owns design but he may sell it to a new owner. If design bought creator still will be the owner of design but he will not allowed to resell this design to someone else and new owner will be able to use his desigion in drawings, adverticement or sell it to a new user. Creator also may add speschial Terms of use and allow something or prohibit. He may not allow to resell design to the new owner. It is not allowed to use someone else design and recell it if you are not creator or an owner o the design. Only creator can upload a desigion to Mastak.

3. Own shops on Mastak

Artists and creators may open the shops but Mastak not responsible if you will not receive the item or get something damaged or you doesnt like.